Chen Profesorsky

Life Coach, Public Speaker,

Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine

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Welcome !

I am here to help.

As you scroll down my page you will find more about  me in depth,  my vision and information about my book. For more on me check out my Blogs in links above.

If your life needs a shift in the right direction and you need someone to coach you through it spiritually and attentively - I am here.

If you need a therapist - I have many years of experience at healing and integrating for health. Whether its within my power to help or that I may know what modality to choose. I have helped many people out of the more complicated / un-diagnosable illnesses.


Israel 2019

Chen Profesorsky
Chen Profesorsky

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Shanni my lovely wife
Shanni my lovely wife

Also a Naturopath, my wife is a source of depth and patience, amazing healing hands and a wonderful mother

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Meditating pose Za Zen
Meditating pose Za Zen

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Chen Profesorsky
Chen Profesorsky

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Chen Profesorsky


Who am I ?

I am a Life Coach. I have been working with people for the past 30+ years both on their health and their life in general.

With 30 years of experience in the Natural Medicine fields (Since 1988). I have been dividing my time between being a therapist and a lecturer in the top schools of Natural Medicine in Israel.

A founding member of the Israeli Naturopathic Association

Owner of Chen and Shanni's home of Cure Since 1993, along side with Shanni Reiff Profesorsky, My wife. An operating clinic where tailor made treatments are offered in both Naturopathic and Chinese medicine fields. A pioneer of Integrative Medicine- combining the best of all the holistic tools for the patients as well as finding the fine line of Integration between Holistic and Conventional Medicine.

A known expert in the cutting edge special Non-surgical Gall stone removal therapy that has proven itself with thousands of cases over the years as the best natural method of treatment.

Certified in Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Medicine by The Israeli College of Natural Medicine (1990-1998)

Past Head of Naturopathic Departments for 12 years and Senior Lecturer for 27 years in the leading schools for Natural Medicine in Israel (Israeli College of Natural Medicine, Medicine College, Medika College, Reidman School for Complementary Medicine, Medicollege, The College of Natural Medicine, Wingate).

12 years of public speaking to various crowds (to both professional and laymen groups).

Author of Learn Peace in an Hour - digital book: An E-book - in Hebrew & English: A stress management self help digital book. A simple, logical and easy to use system to reduce stress.

Through lifestyle changes, self realization techniques and spiritual practices Chen has helped countless people achieve a balanced, healthy and happy life.


My Vision

I have come to this world with a mission:

To help humanity find its Heart and Soul. To Live better, happier and in peace.

My Skill set includes:

  1. Life Coach

  2. Healer

  3. Public Speaker

  4. Teacher

  5. Spiritual guide

I can only succeed if others join me on my quest. Are you ready to change the world?

Invite me into your life

I am happy to assist as a personal therapist / life coach or as a Public speaker. I teach courses in numerous fields for laymen as well as for professionals.


Learn Peace in an Hour

My Digital E-book on Stress Management

Afer years of helping my clients cope with stress (Israeli Style ultra stress) and teaching this method to local professionals I thought it was time to put it in writing.


Now, in English as well !

Published on the Longest night of the year (21st of December) it is meant to bring light into the darkness of stressful living.


Non surgical Gallstone Flush Tech

for Professionals

Are you interested in preventing the most common surgery in the world?

If you are a Naturopath and/or practice Chinese Medicine you may find the following offer very intriguing and financial.


For the past 22 years since I used it on myself, my wife Shanni and I have been perfecting a system for safe, non surgical removal of Gall stones. We have helped hundreds of people with this affliction and are now offering this tool and our expertise to professionals around the world.

One major thing unique to our present system is a strong pre-cleansing preparation. Coming to this cleanse unprepared has proven irresponsible and so we have perfected a system for preparing people for the removal process.

It is important to stress that we are not satisfied with just removing the current Gall (and liver) stones. We made a point of focusing on post therapy prevention.

When we first started with this cleanse our primary concern was "what if a stone was to get lodged in the pipeline?". This is why I only tried it on myself when I was satisfied that I had stumbled onto a safe enough technique. I had reviewed quite a few ideas before this. We are happy to say that as of today, to the best of our knowledge, not one stone that went into the pipes stayed there! This has proven to be a very safe method indeed.

The fact that the system is very safe does not always relieve all the stress for our clients and so we made a point of offering an in house cleansing option where we are nearby throughout the treatment. This health farm option has given even the most jittery client the peace of mind needed to go through with this protocol to the end.


Physical Address:

Afek 18a

Yoqneam Illit 20692

Phone: + 972 4 989 0966

Mobile: +972 52-2474325

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