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The advantages of a phone Application (App) to a business

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Until recently, a business owning a phone APP was a privilege. It was an investment in time and money and so was reserved to the heavier cannons. The big companies. It required a programmer and a professional system to back it for the life of the APP.

Things have changed. Several companies around the globe decided to do for the APP what WIX did for a web site – to simplify it to the point that everyone will be able to create an APP – time wise, financially and technologically.

This is a game changer! Personally, I have been dreaming of this 😊 let me show you why.

To begin with, one of the awful side effects of mobile phone mass production was the introduction of the new social behavior: The constant phone gaze… You look around you and everyone is gazing at their phone. It is a real tragedy to social societies and at the same time it is a massive reduction in the global village size.

Think about it – everyone is now at the distance of an SMS… And, more often than not, responds pretty fast too.

I admit, I consider it wrong in many ways – but… If you can’t beat them, join them. 😊 Join them and give them real value. If all you do is push adds at them through the APP - they will uninstall you *he he*.

Do you want to be at your clients' fingertips?

History of modern communication 101

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