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The art of Living Peacefully

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The cover of my Digital EBook - learn peace in an hour

Have you ever had to deal with #STRESS?

Living peacefully sounds almost alien to most people I know. It is almost as if such an idea belongs in a fairy tale...

How have we become so Stressed out as a culture? Why is Modern Living considered synonymous with Stressful living? The most important question I raise here is- is it truly a must? How can we live a modern life and still live a peaceful life?

As a therapist living in Israel I have the "pleasure" of seeing a whole lot of stressed out people every day. Almost everyone coming into my clinic has a side-order of stress with every meal and every moment. They ask for help with their Illnesses (Varied reasons) and yet behind it all I see one common denominator: #Stress. Though it is true more for Middle Eastern countries, I believe you will agree it is also true (even if to  a lesser degree) of everywhere else.

So how HAVE we become so stressed as a culture?

The intensity of modern living, the ever changing reality we live in, the need to be at work for so many hours and many others symptoms of modern living create a basic reality which is very intense, This part we all share to an extent. Many suffer from lack of resources. This can add even more stress, Others suffer illnesses- today more then ever, and other suffer socially. It used to be possible to really take a break from living by choosing a lower lifestyle. Today most people find such an option comes with too dear a price. This means once you are in the rat-race you're in it for the long haul.

When I said most people I am guessing you thought I meant "all but the rich". Sadly, in today's world, that is often not true. Those who do not suffer are the rare minority who have discovered the secret to peaceful living. They already know how to #destress to the point where the stresses of life cease to accumulate and thus are usually calm and peaceful- even in the face of hardships. A more advanced option is that the rare few learned not to accumulate stress by shifting their mindset radically.

Having found a way to peacefulness I have been teaching people this  technique for many years here in Israel. I even wrote a Digital book on the matter several years back (In Hebrew).

After several years (27 Dec 2013), I have come to the conclusion that this knowledge is needed not only in Israel but around the world and I published it in English as well.

So what am I offering in my Digital book?

Well let me share some of the secrets right here:

What is stress? Stress is what comes of coping with change. Any change. Positive, negative and neutral. Whatever the outcome. Do you remember things changing in your life? I'm guessing the answer is: Of course! Every day! All day... And you can't really avoid change either. So what can you do?

I divide the answer in two:

  1. Develop a "no stress" attitude. Choose to be positive and translate change into challenge rather then into pain and suffering.

  2. De-stress faster then you can accumulate stress on a daily basis.

Of course most people will agree that no. 1 above is not easy a habit to form. It requires learning new skills and practicing them under stressful conditions... It is the better long run option but for most it is at first impractical. They are too stressed to begin with.

The latter (no. 2) is quite easy to accomplish once you know how to do it.

This is what my book is about.

I took the know how, spelled it out for all to understand. Both about stress and about De-stressing. Learning to live in Peace is all about removing the stress factor from the picture. And so at first it is all about taking out more stress then you take in.

The First phase is all about taking charge of your stress. Collecting 50 De-stress ideas. Preoccupations that will leave you less stressed once done. For example- Listening to music. When chosen right, music can help you reduce stress in a very effective a joyful manner.

Can you come up with 50 unique ideas?

The Second phase is about dividing the De-stressors into 3 categories: Physical, Mental and Emotional.

By doing so we can choose our De-stressors for the day according to the stressful categories in our life that day. 

The Third Phase is about making time daily for De-stressing. Turning it into a routine. Not in our most stressful moments but rather when it is comfortable. It is much harder to De-stress in super stressful moments until one is well trained.

The Forth and last phase is about making sure that you De-stressed more then you accumulated every day. This is the control system for the process and is the heart of my system. Once you learn to choose the most fun and efficient tools for your De-stressing and make sure you use them in a way that makes sure you are less and less stressful each day- you know you have won!

In the book you will find explanations and in depth descriptions of the above phases and much more.

You will also gain access to my Inner Sanctum where I share regular tips and secrets with my readers and where I am open to discussions about the book and about life. 

Of course, you can always ask me question right here in the blog and your comments will be gladly reacted to.

In health and in Peace,


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