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Welcome to my Blog

Hello there strangers,

Welcome to my little corner of contemplation on the web. Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Chen - in Hebrew it sounds more like a throaty Hen.

I have been on the path of my life for more then 50 years and aware of myself to a growing degree since 1990 when I started my Naturopathic studies.

I am married and father to three (organic) children. My wife, Shanni, is also a Naturopath.

My first realization (Which actually sent me to study that instead of computer engineering as I had been planning before) was that I am a healer. Destined and built to help others find the path to health. I spent the next 8 years learning Naturopathy 1st and then Chinese medicine.

My second realization came to me half way along this phase. I had been helping my fellow classmates quite a bit and they often came to me before they turned to our teachers. And so I realized I had the capacity for teaching. By my third year of Naturopathy I was already teaching Naturopathic Philosophy. It came to me so naturally I was amazed.

My third realization came to me quite a few years later. I had been teaching and treating for a while when the headmaster of the holistic school I had been teaching at at the time turned to me one day and asked me if I was up to teaching body-mind medicine. Since I had been using body-mind for quite a while I realized I could indeed take it on me but only under the condition that I could add the word "Spirit" to the course heading. I had been working on and with a tool for self realization at that time and it was ripe for the next phase - teaching it to others. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this course and during this time came to the realization - I am a spiritual guide.

But it was much more than that at this point. I had come to an understanding that I was not just a healer or a teacher or a spiritual guide - I was a teacher of Spiritual healing ! This combination of archetypes become the basis of my further understanding into self realization and the meaning of life.

My fourth realization came recently when I realized I was much more then a Spiritual Healer. I was not just helping people get healthier, I was coaching them to it and training them in various life skills. I was also coaching them in Spiritual skills. As a matter of fact, I now know that the role of Life Coach is my main calling and the rest are tools.

I have been working with this growing perspective in mind over the past 25 years. I have done much in mu fields locally in Israel and have now decided its time to share this and many other aspects of my personal, clinical and spiritual life with the world.

Welcome to my inner sanctum ! Please enjoy the stay :) 

You are welcome to ask me questions and open dialogues over matters mentioned in my blog or others of your own choosing.

In health,


Israel, (originally posted on 2013 - still relevant though I am a little older 😉 ), updated 2019

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